When your joints are properly aligned, the muscles surrounding those joints work efficiently to keep you moving well. While alignment tends to be a hot topic around the spine, we LOVE to talk about it in your feet! We’ve decided to spotlight one of our favorite supports for movement and exercise in this newsletter: Correct Toes®

Gait Analysis

The way the foot moves as it touches the ground determines how the rest of your body moves. Footwear can negatively or positively influence that. Natural foot-shaped footwear is typically narrower at the heel and fanned out at the toe box, allowing for toes to spread and the big toe and ball of the foot to be the primary push-off during walking and running. When this happens, the hamstrings, glutes, and stabilizers of the lumbar spine all work together efficiently. 

We spend much of our day moving and working in the wrong footwear. Most “fashionable” shoes do not allow for proper movement because the shoes hold the toes close together. This can cause weakness, stiffness, plantar fasciitis, bunions, foot pain, leg pain, and back pain. Correct Toes® can help alleviate these issues.

Introducing Correct Toes®

Correct Toes® may look like the toe spacers you get with your pedicure, but they’re so much more. Made from medical grade, naturally antimicrobial silicone, they assist the toes in staying in alignment through movement so the foot muscles can work more efficiently. Correct Toes® are meant to be worn over time gradually with bare feet, with toe socks, or appropriate footwear. Does this mean that if you want to use them, you must replace all your footwear? Not necessarily. Ideally, you’ll work your way up to wearing them as often as possible. For some, this means a new pair of shoes for walking or exercise, while others may benefit from full-time wear. 

When worn properly and paired with tailored exercise to your body and complaints, Correct Toes® can be a game-changer for your rehab and fitness goals. If you have a bunion forming or experience foot, hip pain, or back pain, CorrectToes® may be a great solution. Correct Toes® can also help with sports performance by improving movement efficiency. 

If you’re interested in just trying Correct Toes®, schedule an appointment with us. Our goal is to identify solutions that help you move better through working smarter, not harder.