We believe in helping you experience life, every day.

From strong word of mouth support and exceptional results APT has evolved from its beginning in a small Northwest Crossing office to both East and Westside locations to conveniently serve the Central Oregon community.

The Alpine Experience is our mission statement of sorts, and we love sharing the vision with our patients and clients.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at Alpine is about more than just injuries. From expert post-operative care to balance and fall prevention, our team of physical therapists are dedicated to providing our community with consistent, compassionate care.

Pelvic Health

Pelvic pain and dysfunction may not be your favorite topic of conversation (we understand!), but it is certainly vital to your quality of life. Alpine Physical Therapy and Spine Care has a specialized pelvic health program for men and women.

Personal Training

No matter your current shape, our personal training team are here to design your training plan to meet your fitness and performance goals.

Spine Care

Whether you’re experiencing nagging discomfort or suffering from a sudden acute injury, our spine care specialists will be your partner during rehabilitation and recovery.

Women’s Health

Alpine’s women’s health team provides compassionate care for women across the lifespan. From pregnancy related aches and pains to age-related pelvic dysfunction, we’re here to help.


The lymph system is a transport system.  It is closely associated with the blood circulatory system. It plays a role is the removal of waste products the body doesn’t need, immune function, and circulation. When this transport system is damaged swelling occurs.


Changing times offer moments for innovation of new strategies for providing patient care. Alpine Physical Therapy is dedicated to finding the right solution for you and our community’s needs. We are excited to now offer Telemedicine/Telehealth Services

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