Rob Hollander, PT

Rob Hollander, PT


Wisconsin native Rob Hollander spent his high school years running cross country and track and hiking throughout the Land of Cheese. Despite his athletic exploits, Rob didn’t experience physical therapy personally as a youth. Nonetheless, he saw the difference his mom was making as a nurse and decided he wanted to help people as well. As a lover of the outdoors, Rob wanted a career that allowed him to help patients remain as active and fit as possible. 

Rob attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison for his physical therapy degree. To provide his patients with the best possible care, Rob completed advanced training through the North American Institute of Manual Therapy (NAIOMT) and the McKenzie Institute, a renowned center for postgraduate study in mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT). 

Rob has come full circle in his desire to help patients take control of their health. In the clinic, Rob schedules appointments with patients as they are needed and then transitions his patients to self-management. His trifecta approach to physical therapy includes education, exercise prescription, and manual therapy techniques to restore proper joint movement and release soft tissue adhesions or guarding patterns.

Education & Training

The University of Wisconsin, Madison, Physical Therapy

North American Institute of Manual Therapy NAIOMT)

McKenzie Institute USA: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)

Mobilization/Manipulation: Spinal Manipulation Institute

Running Rehabilitation

Advanced Training in Vestibular/Concussion Rehabilitation

PT Specialties

Rob specializes in treating neck and back pain with a focus on recurrent pathology, where he helps his patients successfully overcome pain when other treatments have failed. He has advanced training in vestibular and concussion rehabilitation. Rob also has a special interest in lower extremity treatment with a biomechanical focus on hip and knee pain, orthopedic rehab of the shoulder, vestibular rehabilitation, and balance training. 

Rob’s treatment secret involves taking the time to understand his patient’s history and then utilizing his fresh perspective to help bring about positive change. Going back to his initial desire to empower patients, Rob’s most successful patients take an active role in their healing.

Rob Loves Central Oregon

Rob moved to Bend in 2003 after an extended trip skiing in Jackson Hole. An avid Steelhead fisherman, trail runner, and winter enthusiast, Rob chose Bend because it balanced his love for Oregon’s mountains and rivers.

Fun Facts About Rob

A self-described ambassador of Wisconsin, Rob will gladly share the finer principles of deep-fried cheese curds, bratwurst, and tailgating. He owns two pairs of lederhosen and is on a never-ending search for the best street tacos.